I’m an autumn.

I hate not having a blog. I had to make my Blogger private because of some gross unnecessary drama and it makes me itchy. So I decided to try WordPress out. Lets see how long I can keep it a secret. I should probably create an alter ego or something. Hmmmm. Maybe maybe maybe. Brainstorming.

Anyways, I need blogging. I have things to say and tumblr is not good for that. Tumblr is awesome for reblogging and sharing stuff that you find on the interwebs but for like every day stuff and outfits and what not, I don’t like it.

Getting to the point of this post:

Rust has become my favorite color. I’ve been wearing this cardigan type shirt with everything for months now that I nabbed at Belk on super sale.

apparently I wear it waaaaaay more than I take pictures of it.

And I’m waiting for this 30 Day Shred/ Hardcore South Beach Phase 1 to kick in so that this fantastic rust colored dress I thrifted the other day looks better. (not pictured… yet)

Its such a good multi-seasonal color. I love it. I mos. def. need to score a pair of rust tights before fall. I’m so feeling it this year. With chartreuse & mustard. Yum. If I were to get married in the next few months, those would totally be my wedding colors.

Things I love about this picture: the tights (doi), the outfit, the books, the banjo. Perfection!

Side note: Cutting out sugar is so hard guys. But completely necessary. 2 years of eating my feelings and being a total carbohydrate addict has really effed my system. I was starting to think I was menopausing but after the 3+ day detox I’m feeling a lot better. I need to keep it up. Oh wait, I did break down and have animal crackers for dinner. Welp, I’m only human. I’ll be better from here on out.

I helped Lo put on his shoes this morning because he doesn’t know how to tie yet. We were walking around all day at church and the store and everything and eventually he’s like “Wait, there’s something in my shoe.”

He proceeds to take off his shoe and pull out an army man type Indian. He had been walking around all day with a plastic Native American in his shoe and it didn’t bother him at all. We are a wee bit Blackfoot Indian so maybe it felt at home there? My kid is crazy.

I have a bunch more stories I could tell you but I’ll save them. Everyone says I should record him randomly because he’s hysterical. I thought it was just a me thing since I’m his mom, but even my brother (who’s mostly annoyed with him) and people at church think so too. Maybe I should become a stage mom.

No, that totally won’t happen.

I’ll leave you with this final thought: VeggieTales: Lord of the Beans is the best VeggieTales I’ve ever seen. You should definitely check it out sometime.

Durrrr I really like the features on this, but I should probably take a tutorial or something. idk what I’m doing.

*Images via weheartit & lookbook.nu


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