Things I have in common with Peggy Hill

Not only do we both have large feet, but I also use a headlight to read in bed at night. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of her doing this in my quick search of the internet, but you know she does. At least you do if you’ve spent your afternoons watching King of the Hill reruns because you’re really sick of Judge Judy and that other guy.

Sadly, my headlight has bit the dust. It’s really unfortunate because I have a bunch of batteries for it but the bulb went out. LED’s last forever my butt. So I’ve been having to use a legit light to read by and it just sucks so much. You see, I’m very lazy and my mind races, so I read to tame my restless mind and a lot of the time I’ll fall asleep while reading. Leaving the light on while I’m sleeping is something I used to do when I was alone and didn’t feel safe, but I feel reasonably safe right now so it’s mostly just a bright distraction. And then I’ll have to get up and turn off the light and by that time I’m awake again and my mind races. It’s really awful. You have no idea.

Anyways, idk what the point of this was. I’m just weird. Also, I got a coupon in the mail from Harbor Freight Tools for a headlamp with a swivel lens for $1.99. That’s just amazing. I guess I’ll have to make a stop there.

Whoops sorry, I got distracted by filling out my FAFSA. Might as well try to go back to school, right? This vo-tech place down the street has pharm tech program and since that was pretty much my favorite job why not go to school for it? It will look better on my resume and maybe I can get certified through it. We’ll see what they say… It’s a little dicey with my defaulted student loan, but it’s worth a shot. And I started the whole FAFSA thing today because I was thinking I wanted to be a social worker. My brain. It is so scattered. SIGH.

Finally, I’m really <3ing how wordpress proofreads for you. Brilliant!

Oh, and this is so unbelievably genius & makes me wish I was letting myself eat cheetos at this point in time.


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