Today I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time ever and it totally blew my mind.

I really support this article too: except not the spinach/ artichoke kind.

I so can’t believe my little boy will be starting school in  just over 2 weeks. It’s positively insane! It doesn’t seem like that long, but I guess it has been. Time is such a crazy crazy thing. Sometimes it seems to drag on forever and then on the flip side it slips by in an instant.

I kind of really want to cut my hair off. Not extreme like, but maybe to my shoulders? I can’t decide.

That is all for now. I’m still so extremely tired.


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  1. I love Hobby Lobby! I don’t think we have one where I live now, but when I lived in New Mexico a friend and I went all the time, just to wander. We had a lot of fun there.

    I definitely support the Celebrate Hummus article. I love hummus. I just made some, actually.
    I hope your little boy likes school!

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