This week I’m in love with…

Cream eyeliner.

I’m loving it. It can make such a nice fine line with minimal eye tugging. I’m currently using the e.l.f. brand, but shhhh don’t tell anyone. I’ll try the Avon one soon!

Boar bristle hair brush.

I’ve been reading on how great these brushes are for your hair. Mine is looking a bit rough, what with all the ombre attempts, and cutting it myself, and growing it out, and dye dye dying. Everyone swears these brushes distribute the oils down your hair shaft and I’m a believer. I whipped it out right after I bought it and started brushing away and my mother was amazed at how much shinier my hair looked. Just don’t brush your roots or you look like a greaser. Ha. Remember The Outsiders? Such a good book/movie.


Sometimes it’s still really good and you can find exactly what you want for the perfect price. And big props for the USPS for being so fast in their shipping.

Mustache mints.

Unfortunately they aren’t shaped like mustaches like I was hoping, and the mintyness is nowhere near Altoid territory, but look at the cute case! Winning!

woah, crappy photobooth pic, sorry!

That’s all for now!




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