1st Week of school down.

He’s got a little cold. I hope getting some good sleep this weekend kicks its butt.

I blame the crazy weather. One day we’re walking home in 106 heat index and the next it decided to rain as soon as we walk out the door.
But I am NOT complaining about the rain. OH NO. I will not do that. It is infinitely better than the merciless sun beating down on you. Plus I got a cute new owl umbrella that makes me smile. And a poncho that Logan hates. Don’t worry I’m on the hunt for a rain coat. You’d think they would be easier to find…

I was looking on for my umbrella but they don’t have it on there so I’ll have to take a picture some day. They do have, however, this completely awesome new bath set which I absolutely loooooove. Look how cute!

My brain is scattered and my computer is being wonky so I’ll just leave you with a couple links I discovered today.

Get free lables from Staples here
I mean, I guess you have to go in the store and order them there, but shoot, I’m totally doing that. Labeling my Avon books takes Have you seen my last name?

Ohmygosh, I just ate 4 pop tarts and put it on my everydayhealth thing. Agh, how gross. I will never eat pop tarts again! They are a food of the devil!

This article was amazing.

But here’s a picture I snapped walking around the other day. It’s quite a sad example of the economy, especially in my hometown. This video store was really great. 😥

Congratulations Publix & your $1.00 Blockbuster DVD Box.
You got us! You should be so proud to put your small, family owned neighbor of 19 ½ years out of business!! Bravo, take a bow, standing Ovation!! Good job… we literally begged you not to hurt your neighbor of 19 ½ years. Business is business, you told us.
Publix = Greed = no jobs
Boycott Publix!!


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