New favourite hair

I stumbled across this yesterday and it is so unbelievably genius.

I found a random sock under my bed so I just had to try it out for myself. My hair is on the thin side, so my buns always leave something to be desired (heh). But this quick test turned out rather well. I think I’ll find some brown fabric or a sock or something to make it a little better, but I can see me doing my hair with this a lot.

Woah, you can’t really tell in my crappy photobooth photos, but trust me, it’s awesome. Try it yourself!

Speaking of hair, one of the ladies at church gave me this wig and it’s so short and blonde. It’s kind of fun. Way different than my normal hair. I’ll wear it one day and no one will recognize me!

My roots are growing in something fierce and I have some major gray hairs. It’s tragic, it really is. I’ll be dying my hair forever I suppose. I’m trying to decide what color I should go next. Should I be more red or more brown? I think I’m feeling more brown, this color actually. I’ll have to see it in person to be sure.

Okay, I need to go make some lunch before I have to go pick up the Loganator. Maybe I’ll be back with something more interesting this week. I want to start doing outfit posts again.



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