Just Ducky

I discovered this cute little park/ pond place one day when I was walking home from the post office. It was filled with cute little hungry ducks, so I decided I needed to take Log there. We grabbed some crackers and ran to the bus (because 4 miles is quite a long walk for a little guy.) We had a lovely afternoon.

Until some creeper came along and totally ruined it. SIGH.

Thankfully, its right next to the fire station, so I felt relatively safe. Next time I’ll definitely bring mace though.

And more crackers. Those greedy little suckers ate 2 packs in like 30 seconds!

Also, I took quite a few pictures, but OMG photo editing is the worst. It’s probably why I never actually list anything on my etsy. Soooo time consuming. UGH. So I threw them in a collage and picked 2 of my favorites to caption. And hey, I just figured out how to put a picture in my post without using the html. Yay.

This guy was my favorite. He has this cute little mohawkesque tuft of hair on top of his head. Quite original.

And the babies are so sweet, natch.



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