Music Monday

This past weekend I was trying very hard to organize and clean my room. It didn’t get done. In fact, it looks worse than before I started. I blame life.

Anyway, I decided I needed some of the Boss to fuel my frenzy. I don’t know why, it just seemed necessary.

Specifically, this song.


Fun Fact: I saw Springsteen play at Bonnaroo a couple years ago. Good times.

Sadly, he didn’t play my favorite song by him, Fire.

They did play Santa Claus is Coming to Town however. In the middle of the summer. In Tennessee. Yes. And God bless youtube for having it.

This video is shaky. Sorry.

Oh and this is incredibly awesome:

Have a lovely Labor Day!


(ps 3 weeks until Gossip Girl!)

pss. I just caught up on the last couple days of ODB and this was one of the quotes:

Lord, when I learn that someone is hurting,
Help me know what to do and to say;
Speak to my heart and give me compassion,
Let Your great love flow through me today. —K. De Haan

So good.


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