9.6 Care Bear Stare

Okay, so I’ve been in the process of cleaning my room and putting away my ‘floordrobe’ and I’ve lost a wee bit of weight so it’s always fun to try on clothes again when that happens and see how they fit. Thus the putting away of the clothes is taking for.ev.er. Whatevs.

I paired this skirt with this top and I totally felt like a Care Bear so I just had to take outfit pics.

This skirt was a dress. I’m a tall freak of nature  glass of water, so I felt the top hit me at weird spots so I chopped it off. The top was strangely made anyway. I love how this skirt has pockets. That’s, like, the best feature a dress/skirt could have.

Of course the rain was being a big jerk all day today, so my fancy owl umbrella made a cameo appearance. Do you like?

I love the way Mara does her outfit posts with the whole budget friendliness, so I’m going to copy her. I hope that’s okay.

Deets: Tank: Beall’s Clearance Center  ($2) Skirt: DIY from a dress, vintage ($1) Belt: Thrifted ($1) Shoes: Target  $8) Bracelets: ($2) Umbrella ($15) this is quite expensive for me, but I figured it was an investment piece and there was no way I could pass up the cute little owls!

Lastly: I made some really good chili this past weekend so I took a picture of the recycling so I could remember the recipe. The only other thing I added was some hot shot, frozen peppers & onions and some steak meat. It was delicious!


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