You guys! I have a wee little testimony for you today.

I have a bit of a shopping problem. For as long as I can remember I haven’t gone much more than a week without buying new (to me or otherwise) clothing.

Well, I’ve been taking a good hard look at my budget. is a great place for this. They take all your expenditures and put them in handy little pie charts for you. Then you can look and be like ‘OMFG, did I really spend $300 this month on shopping?’ And you go through your receipts and deduct the Logan expenses and other necessary items and then you’re like ‘Uuuuugh, no wonder I am always broke.’ And then there’s on the side where it tells you your net worth. And sometimes (okay all the time) you’re like ‘Womp womp womp :(‘

Anyway! To the point. I haven’t shopped lately. And today, after church. The pastor’s wife gave me a gigantic bag of clothes! Really cute stuff I’ve been needing. It’s a miracle. God is rewarding me for not shopping. I am so blessed.

God honors your sacrifices, guys. I’m living proof.

And since this post has been without pictures, I leave you with this lovely song to dance around to in your underoos!


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