Around the time of my birthday (June 7th) I heard of a marvelous invention called the Coca-Cola Freestyle. Being a Diet Coke fanatic, I anxiously searched on the computer for the closest one and it turns out there was one located at this cute cafe near the local university. For some reason or another I never managed to make it out there until today.

Well my friends, it was pretty much worth the wait. I must admit I stopped at my second concoction of Sprite Zero with peach flavoring, but that was only because it was quite possibly the tastiest thing ever. You should definitely try this one if you ever have the chance. Ricky got the grape Sprite Zero and it was quite yummy as well.

Sadly, I never remember to bring my camera with me, so you are left with crappy phone pictures.

The food at the cafe was pretty good as well. But the soda pop was clearly the best part. A Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain is number one on my Christmas list.

In other news, I’m feeling pretty Cinderella lately, so hopefully this weekend I will have a  groovy Cinderella-esque dress to share with you. It needs some minor recons on it first. Can you believe I just tried to spell ‘share’ ‘shair’? I hate brain frazzle-age.


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