Hear me, I want sugar in my tea.

I just tried that Mio stuff in sweet tea. Consensus: Bleh. I mean, maybe I could use it as a sweetener for my iced tea, but there is definitely no tea taste in it. Not all Mio is bad however. I like the fruit punch one a lot.

Logan convinced me I needed to buy this dress the other day. He did good. When I got home I realized I have a ton of stuff in my wardrobe to remix it with. Or is it with it? I need a grammar book. Anyway, I’m pretty sure he just liked it for the birds.

Deets: Dress: Ross ($13); Sweater thing: vintage ($1); Belt: Walmart ($3) Shoes: Goodwill ($7) Ring: vintage from my great grandma

This is my new buddy:

Well, technically he’s Logan’s buddy, but I talk to him all day long. I’ve also taken to singing ABBA’s Fernando to him even though his name is Armando. He secretly hates me.

Oh, this is kind of almost what I look like when I dance.

Scary, right? You should see it when I’ve had a few drinks!

Stay thirsty my friends.


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