ZOMG! This is so amazing!

You have no idea how badly I must do this.

First of all, how cool would it be to tell people you are training, FOR A ZOMBIE RACE.

I mean honestly, there’s a good chance I’ll die and become one of the undead ( I have very weak ankles you see, and I trip… A LOT) but maybe, just maybe, with the threat of zombies, I’ll be able to run more nimbly.

But oh crap, if there’s really rope climbing, I’m screwed. My upper body strength is nil. I guess that’s what training is for though, right?

Anyway. I think I’ll register for the Atlanta one. I need to get some ankle wraps and start running. And doing Jillian Michael’s hardcore.

idk why i picked this picture. i guess if i was a zombie i would be green and scared of domos.

What do you think? Will you race from zombies? It’s for a good cause!

*images via weheartit & me


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