My poor boy

I’ve tried to write this post a thousand times. Every time, I just hate the wording. This will be the last time and if it sounds dumb, well then, too bad. It’s just my natural blonde coming out.

Logan was playing Friv on the computer and he kept saying “Mom, I’m playing this game, but don’t judge me”

And I’m like, “Oh lord, what are you playing?” but of course I wouldn’t judge him, because why would I do that?

And I checked and he was playing this dress up girl game. And it’s cute, but I feel bad for him, because maybe my personal style infatuations are rubbing off on him too much? But whatever, honestly, if he’s enjoying it that’s all that matters. Then my brother had to be a dick, but that’s how he is. I wish I didn’t hit like a girl. I would so punch him in the face.

I should throw the football around with him more often, probably. But I’m not trying to assign gender roles or anything. There is no good way to say anything, honestly.

I just need to learn how to throw punches. And I’ll go around fighting crime and punching stupid people. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. And let my boy play dress up girl games without judging him.


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