Goodwill Hunting

I tried to watch this one episode of 2 Broke Girls last night, about 9 times. Every time I would watch for like 5 minutes, and it would get stuck like a broken record on a scene from early in the show. I gave up and now it’s not online anymore. SAD FACE.

It was The Strokes of Goodwill episode. Have you guys seen this show? I mean, it’s kind of corny, but Kat Dennings is a total goddess so I will watch it on occasion until the end of the world.

Anyway. I volunteered at the church today and it was so nice out I decided to walk to Goodwill before catching the bus. I stopped at DD on the way and discovered they have some really tasty iced tea. And it’s only $0.99!  Winner winner chicken dinner! I got Lo some munchkins while I was there and that booger ate ALL of them when he got home from school. It was at least a dozen! So I told him no more junk food for a week.

Blah blah. To my point. Goodwill is really disappointing lately. IDK if it’s just the one by my house or if it’s new policies or what, but lots of stuff seems pretty expensive. I only found one dress for my store, and it’s only pretty good as far as vintage dresses go. I also found a dress for me, it’s Free People which is something I would never buy retail in a million years, so I figured why not. I was really just trying to fill up my card so I get $10 off on my next visit. I have to find a really good Goodwill for my next trip. Maybe the Island Park one. Hrm.

Ehh. Thrifting is so hit or miss lately. I guess it’s cause it’s season and I have to punch old ladies out for the good stuff. NO, I’m not serious. Everything is just kind of picked over and I haven’t been spending much time doing it. I want to hit up some ones by the hospital tomorrow. I have to figure out when my favoritest secret thrift store ever has their good sale day again. They changed it on me and now I’m so bummed when I go in and it’s not super sale day.

Blah blah blah. I have to photograph this new stuff too. I guess I’ll do that Thursday. Hopefully some cute new (not really) stuff will be in the store for this weekend.

I think I’m going to try sleeping with my PTCB book under my pillow because I am not figuring out how to fit in studying anywhere else. I have 2 months. I’m going to freak out.

Yeah, whole lotta nothing. Let me find a cute picture to leave you with, since this is a bunch of words to look at.

Here’s Chemistry Cat. I love him.

Also! I am desperate for this shirt:

It’s pink and has a fat cat on it. I used to own one that I wore a lot when I was pregnant with Logan and it was funny because the kitty was fat and my belly was fat and now I really want it again. If you see this kitty shirt, tell me!

K, for real now. G’night.


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