Dysentery Gary

What do you guys think of my skirt?

I thrifted it today for like $1.50 and I kind of like it.

Lo says it’s too long though. I think maybe he’s just not used to seeing me in long skirts.

Deets: Thrifted: bodysuit ($0.25 I’m pretty sure) & skirt ($1.50) Walmart: sandals ($6) & belt ($3); Ebay: feather earrings ($7)

I have a dilemma however. Because I am so tall, it hits me at a weird length. I can wear it super low on my hips so that it is longer, but then my love handles are out of control. Which you can’t tell in these pictures thanks to clever angles and editing. Or I can wear it at my waist, but then it’s at this awkward ankle length which, according to Tania, qualifies me for an Oregon Trail Pilgrimage.

I guess I should opt for the higher waist, I always loved playing the Oregon Trail. And really, I still do. It’s right there on my bookmarks bar.

Oh no, Jehoshaphat caught dysentery.

I should probably make good on my promise to make my own maxi length clothes. I need to get over being scared of my sewing machine already. It’s really perfectly lovely. I don’t know why I’m so scared of it. I decorated it with Hello Kitty stickers and everything…

OH, before I go, I wanted to share my new owl with you too.

His name is Goldie. I’m considering naming him Ricky Goldie, because he has blue eyes. Also, that is Brain Basher next to him. He was supposed to live in my purse in case I needed him for self defense. He’s too cute though. I think he looks a little bit like a pestle too. Maybe that should be his last name. I wonder if I could use him in my future apothecary. Oh, maybe he could be like my mascot! Brainstorming

Anyway! I have issues. Good night!


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