this tornado loves you

I’ve shared a bit of this skirt before, and I really do like it. I’m having a super hard time letting go and listing it on my Etsy.

I tried to do legit outfit pictures this time, but they’re all, like, almost the same pose, so sorry.

Also, this is my new favorite shirt. I’ve worn it like 5 times this week alone. I love how it’s like bleached out black/gray/sheer. It’s a bit big though, so I need to go hit up a bunch of Targets and find one in a smaller size.

Deets// top: Target; belt & skirt: thrifted; shoes: ummmm I don’t remember

My church is trying to have a group for ‘young adults’. The title makes me feel weird, because I so don’t feel like a ‘young’ adult, but they invite me anyways. My point, we went bowling last night and even though I didn’t want to go (a lot of times I hate being social) I had a lot of fun. I bowled horribly, my highest score was like 85, but I really enjoyed myself. I have to remember these times the next time I want to flake out and stay holed up in my room.

“Cheer up, it may never happen.”

I have to go save my mom now. I introduced her to Pinterest and she can’t break herself away. Then I’m off to bed. This time change has me all off.


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