What I Honestly Wore Wednesday v.3

Okay, technically I wore this last Wednesday, but was such a lazy bum I didn’t even post it.

Today my excuse is, I walked to and from Logan’s school 3 times today and it was hot and gross out so I probably spent too much time in the shower to take pictures.

I miss last week when it was cooler and I could wear my super awesome headphone hoodie. With yoga pants and my old new favorite shirt. And some old trainers. And no make up. Scary, huh?

Check this awesome lunch action:

I got to have lunch with teh Lo today at school, I now understand why he comes home so hungry every day. It was cute though seeing all the kids he talks about at school. And a little bit weird, because I went to that elementary school, like, shoot, 23 years ago. I’m old!


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