The plan

This is proving harder to type out than I thought. And unfortunately I deleted all the text messages that were going on at the time I was having my huge aha moment.

So bear with me, I’ll try really hard to make sense.

Basically, things haven’t always been peachy keen for me. I’ve gone through some shit and am trying hard to come out on the other side. Thank God every time I’ve been nearly homeless and really hurting, I’ve had wonderful people around to save me. I feel like such a sob story sometimes, I’m constantly needing help, and I really want to give back so I’ve finally figured it out!

Meh. I keep getting distracted by Breaking Bad. This show is ridiculous. But I can definitely see it’s appeal. Granted I am a huge chemistry geek.

Back to my point. I want to open a home for hurting women. Women who don’t know where to go or what to do when they’ve been kicked in the teeth by life. My cousin is going through a hard time right now and I think she’s going to be my partner. And my mom is going to school for counseling and she’s in too.

I visited this restaurant  last summer and it was so amazing, it really inspired me. So we can find a historic house and fix it up and have the restaurant downstairs to help support the cause and maybe my mobile boutique and then we can take in lost women and their families and help them out and set them on the right path.

I’m sure my plan seems a little scattered right now, but I’m just so incredibly excited I needed to share. I so so so need to do this. It will be so fulfilling and wonderful. Over the next few weeks/ months I’ll be hashing out my plans better so I’ll be sure and share them.

This is so awesome, I love being excited about it!


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