Things I’m Thankful For

This is my Great:

She is my mom’s mom’s mom.

She will be 97 years old on December 20th, God willing.

She’s not doing so well. It breaks my heart every time I visit her. We just had her pacemaker replaced this past May, but the rest of her body is shutting down. She is is incredibly thin and has dementia something horrible. I was really surprised on Saturday when I visited her that she knew who Logan and I were.

I am incredibly thankful for her. She has lived an amazing life and she saved my mom when she really needed it. If it weren’t for my Great, I might not even be here. I take after her a lot. I mean, she’s about 5″ tall, but other than that, the vain stuff at least, fashion, shopping, looking good… and I guess in mannerisms and stuff too. The lucky thing about her is she was around the fashions I love were originally trendy. I dabbled with calling my Etsy store “Millie’s Closet” after her, and I still might redo it. I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to know her, now and before. I’m so grateful that she recognizes me and Logan can still make her smile. I can’t write anymore without crying.

I love you, Great, and I’m so thankful to know you.




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