I made memorial cards for my Great’s funeral.

I found this beautiful poem on the internet somewhere to put in it so I wanted to share:

God looked around His garden

And found an empty place.

He then looked down upon the earth

And saw your tired face.

He put his arms around you

And lifted you to rest.

God’s garden must be beautiful

He always takes the best.

He saw the road was getting rough

And the hills were hard to climb,

So He closed your weary eyelids

And whispered “Peace be thine”.

It broke our hearts to lose you

But you didn’t go alone,

For part of us went with you

The day God called you home.

I’m so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people at a time like this. I keep thinking about how amazing my life is simply because my Great was in it; and all the people she brought together who have so much love. It’s overwhelming.

Thanksgiving was really the best whole day I’ve had in a long time. And most of the good people I got to be around I knew because of her. I can’t even begin to describe how good it feels. I was positively dreading that day but it was really perfect. I’m a lucky girl.

We were going through Great’s stuff yesterday and she was still so chic. And most of her clothes fit me so I get to keep them. And allllllll her costume jewelry. I’m still going through it.

Ahh. I’m trying not to be so sad. It’s hard, but I know I’ll see her again one day. Sigh. So I won’t post about this anymore, I promise. And I’ll be more upbeat from now on. And I need to do more outfit posts.

Kk, lovies, I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend.



ps I have a bomb recipe to share with you guys this upcoming week!

pss To clarify: not a literal bomb recipe. Just a really tasty recipe. Promise.


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