Oh this is so myspace, right?


Also, if I don’t see any bubbly for a little while I should be good… bleh!

WELL…. Last week was like massively hugely epic for me and I just have to share…

So I took my PTCB exam on Tuesday (27th) and I was so incredibly nervous about it and convinced that my brain would not retain the information that I needed it to.  I had like 30 mins left and was going over my answers and then I was just like forget it, I keep second guessing myself, whatever happens happens. So I clicked out and did the after survey. And then this little screen popped up and it said


And I started to cry. But then the proctor lady came up and was like are you done? And I had to stop being such a nerd.


So I texted everyone “CPhT in da house!!!!” and they were all “Yay!!! You’re awesome!!!” and it was good.

So then I was like “Welp, lets start looking for a pharmacy job, yo.”

And there are none. And I was eeeeeeemo because there are no jobs out there right now. And my bank account is like crickets chirping. SRSLY.

But then Thursday I got a call that I totally ignored because I was like “Yo, these ::edited for decorum:: are just ::edit:: with me.” and then they called back again so I answered and she was like “Heyyyyyy guuuuuuurl!!! You wanna work with us?”  and I was like ‘OH HECK YEAH!’ And then when I hung up the phone I screamed like a banshee being murdered by ohmygato are things really going right? So that was good. And then I let everyone know and they were like “OH GURL, YOU GOT IT GOING ON” and I was like “yayyayayay!”

And this is all only the begining…

And honestly, that’s pretty much how it all went down. Don’t worry, I didn’t win the lotto yesterday, so I guess my streak is over. But it was nice while it lasted.

Oh and I’ve been selling stuff randomly on my Etsy again, so my Paypal is very excited.

God is good.

It should be interesting to see what 2012 brings…

Happy New Year!!!


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