omg it’s, like, an outfit post…

My camera and I are so out of sync. I guess I should do this more often and we’ll get it together. But idk… No promises. I work like 40 hours a week and spend another 20 on the bus, calculate in time being a mom and I’m out of energy at the end of the day. Not to mention I’ve apparently had bronchitis for a month + now. Siiiiiiigh. I’m taking my z-pack and hopefully I’ll be healthy again soon.

This has been my Valentine’s Day dress for years. You can’t tell since I was lousy with detail shots, but those polka dots are actually little hearts. It’s a sweet vintage dress from the 50’s but I think it needs to be retired, the hearts are all faded in lots of places.

I threw in the moto jacket to be tough and the flats are cute peep toes I’ve had for years.

Blah blah, uninspired. Whatevs.




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