Once upon a time there was a lovely princess who was really digging a boy from another kingdom. After they had been talking for a couple weeks, she just knew. So when New Year’s Eve rolled around she mailed him the tiniest card with her lipsticked kiss enclosed in it. She explained to him that she was sending it to him because she didn’t want anyone else to have it.

They had some really magical moments, but in the end it turned out he was a frog, not a lobster like she hoped and dreamed. The princess was left lonely and drifting in the wilderness like she had been a thousand times before. She was sick and tired of always feeling like this and  a new year was fast approaching.


The princess decided right then and there that she was done with kissing frogs. She had some beautiful, amazing friends and a crazy, yet decent family who loved her dearly. She also had a cute little boy, sweet bunny, and crotchety turtle to take care of. Just because life wasn’t the fairy tale she dreamed of, didn’t mean she couldn’t create some sort of happily ever after on her own. 


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