dirty thirty

is fast approaching. like t minus 4 months and counting. 

i remember reading something somewhere about how this lady did 43 good deeds on her 43rd birthday and i really loved the idea so i am stealing it for my 30th.

i even started a pinterest board for ideas. it would be way awesome if i could make this a tradition and get logan in on it too. 

hold the phone.

i’ve been looking at music festival line ups today cause they’ll be announcing the ‘roo one soon i hope. and then my friend/ex/non-lobster/most recent heartbreaker had to tell me that the japandroids are playing the governor’s ball which just happens to fall on my birthday and i died a little inside because i’m in this total lone wolf/ loner-for-life stage and have no one to go with =( and it’s not like my life would actually permit me to do such a thing. but a girl can dream, right? 


then i saw mumford & sons was playing sasquatch! and omg omg omg what if they go to bonnaroo? still… if i’m honest with myself… as if i could go there. with my lone wolf self even.

and then i noticed they will have a stop over in st augustine in september. and tix are a bit pricey. but OMG it has to happen. it HAS to. i will wind up projectile vomiting EVERYWHERE. and it will be amazing. i’ll totally throw my panties at marcus mumford and everything. THIS MUST/ WILL/ HAS TO HAPPEN.

oh and just sayin’ if this was the actual lineup, nothing on heaven and earth could stop me from going. 

someday life will be perfect. and i will have my subaru outback with matching vintage shasta trailer (because i can totally make it work like that) that holds my vtg boutique and me and lo will tour the country during the summer hitting all the music festivals being freewheeling bohemians and all these messy past few years will be beyond worth it.

and then i’ll ride my golden unicorn over the rainbow and off into the sunset.

oh remind me to finish the post on the science experiment i am currently working on sometime. 

xx, t


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