makes me wonder



i was doing this huge schpeal but he’s not worth it.

basically it sucks so hard when you hear EXACTLY what you need to hear at the EXACT time you need to hear it.

and no matter how cool you want to be you’ll never be it because you are a dumb girl.

and the answers that you want don’t even exist.

and i’m just writing notes to myself so maybe i can remember. it has nothing to do with this picture of me and a guy that i dated for maybe 6 weeks several months ago.

and nothing.

i just hurt. for the thousand millionth time.

because he said awful things to my bff about me. and i had forgot about him. until he reappeared. and i was dumb. and then my bff  told me the things he said. and now. OUCH. i deserve it i suppose.

but no. i don’t. fuck. it always hurts. why can’t i ever give up on it.

“all those fairy tales are full of shit/ one more fucking love song i’ll be sick”

i have to face the facts, i’m the least common denominator in everything.

fucking hell.

when will i get it?



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