music monday


She totally gets it. She’s feisty and talented and amazing and I really adore this single.

I’ve been swearing up and down for years that you can’t really love someone that you can’t hate. Ask Justin, he knows. I hated the hell out of him before we dated a million years ago. And then it was ‘true love’ when we were like, what, 21ish? Yeah. How sweet.

Exploring Pink’s astrology, of course she’s a Virgo so she does get it! And apparently she’s Scorp rising so we could really be like bffs. She’s nearly the yin to my yang (I’m Taurus rising). ANNNNNNND her moon is in Aires. I need to meet this bitch for realz, we would so be fierce together. And this is why I always love her music. She understands how the up goes with the down and the black with the white and its everything all at once. Yes. Fantastic.

Blah blah blah about everything else I was going to say. TRUST.



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